It’s evident that Christ is King at CTK School. His authority and grace and love are well represented by a kind and capable faculty who wants God’s best for each student.  Our children are learning that trust in the sacrificial death of Christ for the forgiveness of sins is paramount if a person is to know God.  Studies are important at CTK along with respect for authority, parent and teacher communication, and plain old fun.  Our kids like school.  My wife and I like the school because we think it’s living up to its name.

                                                                                          Bob & Lori Moore

      We have each of our four children enrolled in CTK.  They range from 5th grade to preschool.  As students of CTK, they have not only received an excellent education, but have loved their learning experiences.  They have experienced a connection with each teacher that is immeasurable and still stop by the preschool room for a hug from their previous teacher.  At CTK they feel safe, protected, loved, and are taught to love learning.  It is an environment where the interests of the children are put first and is like their second home.    
     Most importantly to us is how we have seen their faith and knowledge of God’s Word grow and the ability they have to share their faith with others, believers and non-believers alike, without shame or fear, but out of love and their intense desire that people will be saved and inherit heaven.  This has been the most rewarding gift to us as their parents.  Having Christ as part of their daily lives, in school, has proven to be exceptionally influential and we find ourselves learning from them. It is a choice we made through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we continue to be blessed daily by our Lord, through CTK, the staff, and our children.

                                                                              Jeff & Nanette Davis


     The year that our daughter, Elisabeth, was in the 4-year old preschool class at our home church, we got new neighbors who had a kindergarten daughter and twin boy toddlers.  As we got to know them, we learned they were members of CTK.  Their daughter was enrolled in Mrs. Hermann’s kindergarten class.  It was interesting for me to listen to stories about the CTK kindergarten class since I was a kindergarten teacher myself.  We had never really considered sending Elisabeth anywhere other than our local public school.  After visiting the school and classroom during an open house, we were convinced that CTK was the school for our daughter.

     Through the years, we have never regretted the decision! We appreciate the total dedication of the staff, excellent curriculum, and the current techniques and teaching material used.  As a life-long Lutheran, I am truly grateful for a school where the teachings and love of Jesus are not only taught, but are a way of life for all involved in the school.  Elisabeth has learned so much both academically and spiritually.  CTK has many excellent programs – the band is the greatest.  She is now an 8th grader and we have seen God’s plan.  He knew exactly what He was doing when our neighbors moved in.  Our family is committed to CTK!

                                                                                           Jim & Leisa Cooper


     Our children have attended CTK for 12 years.  We chose CTK because we believe it offers the best education in a setting that reinforces biblical values taught at home and church.  CTK offers a unique and loving environment where each child is challenged academically within the framework of a biblical worldview.  In Proverbs 22, God instructs parents to "train up our children in the way they should go.”  CTK teachers and staff work hand in hand with us as parents to help our children learn, achieve their best, and grow strong in the Lord.  Each staff member you meet at CTK reflects Christ through his or her teaching.  We truly love and appreciate the wonderful staff and their dedication to both the students and the Lord.

                                                                                           Pat & Kelly Brooks

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