3rd Grade

This year will be filled with A LOT of FUN and LEARNING!

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Games and Support

Welcome to this fun page that will help support the topics taught in class and also allow the kids to practice those skills through fun games and activities.  Click on a link below to take you to a page full of FUN LEARNING!


Shepherd Software - This site has more than just Math.  Check out Language arts and Science.

Soft Schools - This site also has games for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. 

Math Blaster - This site also has free printable worksheets for your child to print and complete.

Knowledge Adventure - This site also includes games for Science, Reading, Spelling, and Words.

Kids Math Games - This site also has printable worksheets

TLS Books -  This is a great site to print off 5 minute 100 problem fact tests to stay on top of those basic facts!


Neo K12 - This site has a wealth of educational videos for topics in Science, Social Studies, English, and Math

Turtle Diary - This site has fun games for Math, Science, and English.

Home Science Experiments - This site gives you fun experiments to do at home in different rooms!

Language Arts
Academic Skill Builders - This site has free games as well as an option to subscribe to the site for additional games.

Mr. Nussbaum - This site also has games for Science, Reading, Punctuation, Spelling, Geography, and Math.

Social Studies

Learning Games for Kids - This site also has games for many other subject areas!